Twilight Scene It? Dvd Game

Twilight Scene It? Dvd Game

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Are you an ardent fan of the Twilight Saga? You will love the Scene It? Twilight Saga game. Designed for two or more players, the game includes a DVD and flextime game board along with a set of dices, tokens and cards. Tons of trivia questions and on-screen puzzles about the Scene It? Twilight Saga game challenge your observation and recollection about your favorite scenes from Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse. It also includes mini-games and engaging group activities for added fun. Suitable for kids over 13 years of age, the Twilight Saga DVD game is sure to keep you and your gang entertained for hours. Scene It? Twilight Saga game:Age Range: 13 years and up Designed for 2 or more players Includes: DVD Flextime game board 2 dice 4 themed tokens 12 Fate cards 120 trivia cards

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