Schmincke Horadam Artists Watercolours - Transparent Umber - 15Ml Tube - (Series 2) (671)


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  • Schmincke Has A Deserved Reputation For Quality, In Everything It Does.

  • Horadam includes 145 colours, 72 of them formulated with a single pigment.

  • Each colour has its own individually optimised formula.

  • Created using high-quality natural gums, water-soluble resins, & pigments

The motto of the founders of the Schmincke Company was Meliora Cogito (I strive for the best). 120 years later, we find today's owner continues to strive for the best products to meet the demands of today's artists. Schmincke watercolors contain the best raw materials, such as rare gums, water soluble resins and the finest quality artists' pigments in the highest possible concentrations. Schmincke quality control is very exacting. For instance, Kordofan Gum Arabic from the Southern Sahara region is a principal ingredient. Like most natural products, quality differs from year to year - like good wine. To maintain consistent quality, Schmincke's laboratory conducts extensive tests and selects only the best crop of the respective year.

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