Lego Ninjago 70631 Garmadon'S Volcano Lair


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  • Garmadon's volcano lair features an entrance shaped like garmadon's face, -launch function at the tip of the volcano

  • Garmadon's throne room features a big seat, teapot and pot elements, fish tank with 2 fish elements and a weapon rack with arrow and Sai weapons

  • Computer lab features a computer keyboard and screen elements, mini piranha mech prototype and a coffee machine with cup element

  • Recreate and role-play exciting the Lego ninjago movie scenes

  • This building toy is suitable for ages 8-14

Kick through the wall to enter garmadoni's volcano lair with Zane, discover the computer lab and construction zone where his shark mechs are built. Dodge the shell drone and the snapping jaws of the shark being lifted by the crane. Take cover as garma.

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