Childrensneeds.Com Sand Digger Toy Backhoe With Wheels, A Toy Ride On Excavator For Ages 4-12 (Yellow)

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  • While other wheeled diggers may tip, our toy features a wider front axle and longer base for stability and Unique Safety Washers to keep fingers from pinching in joint

  • 😊Other diggers may bend and break. We use HEAVY DUTY STEEL in the durable bucket and arms and base and back it up with 1 YEAR BREAKAGE WARRANTY.

  • ROTATES 360 DEGREES. Dig like an excavator in all directions with the moving arms and bucket

  • Instead of small screws or rivets, Bolts and Nuts and large washers STRENGTHEN the metal digger Joints. Childrensneeds Digger works in sand, pea gravel, loose dirt, snow, rubber playground pellets.

  • 👍4 YEAR OLD to 12 YEAR OLD sandbox toy entertains and develops coordination while having fun play outdoors

  • Color : Yellow sandbox digger toy has wheels so your child can move it around like a real backhoe. The digger has an improved longer base with wider front axle for more stability.

The digger features large safety washers on the moving joints. The washers are big enough to keep kids fingers out of the tight area of the joints as they move.

Our digger uses heavier metal on the bucket and larger bolts on the joints then similar diggers. When you read feedback on diggers you see that many have trouble with bending buckets and arms, and joints that don't work smoothly. We solve this problem by using heavier gauge metal in the bucket so it won't bend with regular use. Stiff breaking joints are overcome by using heavier bolts rather then rivets. You can adjust the lock nuts on the joints to tighten or loosen as needed on our digger. Remember to use a good kid safe lubricant on the joints to make them work best. Our digger toy is heavier built then most competing wheeled diggers. Overall weight is 14 pounds.

We solve the problem of fading and rust by using a generous amount of powdercoat finish.

Toy backed by a 30 day satisfaction return guarantee and a one year breakage warranty. If the digger breaks during the first year of use we will send you parts.

Built for years of use this European styled digger will help kids develop balance and motor skills while having hours of healthy outdoor fun for digging sand, snow, leaves, or dirt. The backhoe and base easily folds down to transport to your favorite outdoor play area. Some people even set up a sandbox in the garage or on the deck or use balls or foams fill to create a play digging area indoors.

Seat height is 15 inches. Length with bucket extended 44 inches. Weight limit 120 lbs. This ride on toy comes mostly assembled. You need to put the wheels and the seat on and put the digger on the base. The bucket and joints are pre-assembled. Assembly time is about 10 minutes.

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