Romans 12 Bible Memory Award, 1 Inch Dia Gold Pin Bible Memory Achievements Collection By Keepsake Awards

Keepsake Awards

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  • This gold clutch-back pin has a handsome laminated inlay with a high-resolution Romans 12 Bible Memory Gold Award Pin image on an attractive gradient background. And it has clear, descriptive, detailed text describing the subject.

  • It is made of CPSIA-compliant materials with a solid metal base and genuine goldplating - a beautiful, enduring, non-toxic memento.

  • Lasting, high-quality keepsakes like this often become lifetime treasures. It offers benefits in so many ways. It can be used for a merit badge, an academic award, an incentive or goal, a promotional aid, for family or group recognition, as a gift, or in a collection.

  • This pinis also available as a hanging medal or with high-gloss nickel plating. So it can be purchased as a pin to fasten on a piece of clothing, a banner, any draped display surface. Or it can purchased as a medal (jump ring included) to be worn on a lanyard, mounted on a bracelet, or attached to some other display device.

  • We think you will see that this item provides the ultimate quality, value and price in its class available anywhere. And the shipping is the same whether you buy 1 or 1,000!

  • Color : gold

Make a memory that lasts! This enduring insignia is a wonderful way to remember an accomplishment. Or it can be an exciting incentive toward reaching a goal!

This clutch-back pin, with its rich, high resolution design and jewelry quality finish is available exclusively from Keepsake Awards. Its stunning colors and rich, quality materials make this an impressive, eye-catching award, insignia, or collection piece, yet its 1 inch diameter size makes it tasteful and even modest.

This jewelry quality item with genuine gold plating is a real keepsake!
Its theme is emblazoned on the laminated face with bold, descriptive text and a high resloution image.

This pin it may be displayed on any type of fabric, either wearable or stationary.

This Romans 12 Bible Memory Gold Award Pin can offer that just-right form of encouragement, make that perfect memory, or mark that milestone of achievement. Sometimes life's biggest enrichments are its little encouragements, and this award can be used to create those enrichments in so many ways!

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