Geometric Cabinet (Blue)

Adena Montessori

  • $276.54
  • Save $46.07

  • The geometric cabinet with 6 drawers containing 36 geometric insets and frames: 6 circles, 6 rectangles, 7 triangles, 6 regular polygons, 3 curvilinear figures, 6 quadrilaterals.

  • This item can be used in conjunction with A103Cards For Geometric Cabinet

  • Made by Beech/Plywood.

Purpose 1.Introduce the child to regular, flat, geometric shapes. 2.Indirectly prepare the child for later study of geometry by giving the child visual and muscular experience of shapes. 3.Increase the child's vocabulary. 4.Indirectly prepare the child for reading and writing through visual perception exercises and through muscular experience of all the shapes necessary to form letters. 5.Develop an awareness of shape in the environment.

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